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(Hollywood 2014) Comics Creative Inc. announces the print debut of Melvin G. Moose, Toode Dick!, The Graphic Novel. A beautifully illustrated book for ages ten and up, author and illustartor Jeff Peters has created an intricate and sophisticated story using visual archetypes from comics and art through the ages, spinning a hero’s journey through multiple dimensions.

Melvin G. Moose is a unique new adventure, proclaiming boldly that “Print is Alive!” No “clean space” is safe as imagination bleeds across the pages. Fans of Melvin G. Moose (“Moosekateers”) enjoy the interactive quality of the double page “meta panels”, flop-flipped images and swirling narrative. A rich history of comics and art weaves through the tapestry of the story, while readers relate instantly to familiar icons from their lifelong love of comic and cartoon characters.


The cast of Toode Characters from Melvin G. Moose.

Detective Melvin G. Moose must outwit and survive the insidious “Illustrati,” a secret organization headquartered in Manhattan that considers themselves sacred keepers of the ink and controllers of the image. A murder in our three-dimensional world (3D) launches Melvin out of Toodeopolis, the epicenter of the two-dimensional world (2D) and into the unknown. Melvin must help the NYPD solve the murders and execute the murderer. But how does one kill an idea? Throughout the novel, Peters includes clues to the unfolding mystery hidden on every page, while graphically and intelligently constructing a joyful philosophical message that all things written or drawn live forever.


Melvin meets the denizens of Toodeopolis.

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Front Cover of Melvin G. Moose
The Graphic Novel

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GENRE: Fantasy

Ages 10+ Color Covers, B&W interior. 168 pages. Retail price: $24.99

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Melvin G. Moose is currently in development by Comics Creative Inc. as an animated feature film and a half hour animated television series.

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